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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When do you update?

A: Post-Nuke is currently on hiatus. Updates will resume sometime in 2010. I have been working hard on chapter 10 making a buffer zone. Where I have at least 15 to 20 pages done a head of time. Once I have accumulated enough pages I will be updating the comic once again.


Q: Why did you stop updating? You used to be so passionate, what happened?

A:  I really needed a brake from Post-Nuke comics. I've been working hard on this comic for over 5 years and unfortunately they haven't been very good years. I do hate to admit it but I did loose heart in this project and sometimes I even regret starting it. There are a lot of reasons why. This comic took way to long to make and was an exhausting amount of work. Then 2 years into the project I had a serious hard drive crash, completely losing 2 whole chapters. I have to rescan the artwork and redo them completely. Then the Post-Nuke forum got out of hand and I had to shut it down. I feel that was a big blow. Post-Nuke comics just didn't feel the same after that. I tried to keep it together but my updates got worse and worse. The fans I had begin to turn on me. People began sending me really nasty emails, which didn't help at all. By the time I had the printed comic book finally ready hardly anyone bought them. I really do appreciate the few fans that did buy the book and I even signed every one of them. I don't want to sound to negative here. I do have a lot of good fans that really do love this story and gave their support. For that reason I will not give up on it and I will finish Post-Nuke. This brake has really help replenish my creative energy and I am now once again working hard on the comic.


Q: What breed of dog is Aries?

A: Aries is based on our family dog Ginger. He was a Greyhound/Irish wolfhound cross. He was a big skinny scruffy looking dog and I thought he'd make a good post-nuke dog. He had a great personally that I tried to translate over to Aries. Sadly Ginger died of old age a few years ago. He made it to 15years old. Which is remarkable for a Greyhound as they usually only have a life expectancy of 8 to 9 years. Still, I miss that old dog. You can read more about it and see images of him here.


Q: Why is your comic in this strange black and white art style?

A: Some people have said, "to bad it's not in colour", well I have to disagree. If I wanted it in colour it would be in colour. Why is Black and White such a bad thing to some people? I was inspired by Frank Miller's  Sin City comics. I'm trying to set a certain dark gritty mood to the story. I also wanted a certain uniqueness or originality for the comic that separates it from the rest. I didn't want a traditional Marvel or Manga/Anime style comic. They just don't seem to have the mood or atmosphere I'm trying to set for Post-Nuke. I also chose to make the comic more like a movie storyboard then traditional comic style to give it a cinematic feel. The storyboard style also makes it easier for non-comic readers to follow the story.


Q: How is your comic artwork made?

A: The comic is all hand drawn in pencil, then inked, and then I use a pencil to shade the picture. The image is then scanned into Photoshop where it is composed into the image you see. Click here to see an example image of the steps involved.


Q: The art and storyline is good, but the dialog and writing is a bit rough. 

A: Sorry but English was not my first language. Swiss German was. "Ja, ich bin ein Schweizer bei Geburt".  ;-)

I do agree the dialog and writing is rough. I even cringe when I read through the comics. Right now I just want to get the story out of my head and onto paper. I have always considered the online comics as rough copies, or a draft version. Basically you're seeing the comic being made in real-time. The slow and monotonous process it is. The printed comic books will have all the bad artwork redone, and an editor will also fix all bad writing and grammar. I hope people can look past the current roughness and see the story. It will all be fixed.


Q: I'm sure you get a lot of people telling you this, but your comic is awesome.

A: Actually I don't. So thank you! People seem to think Post-Nuke comics is doing better then it really is. Fan support for Post-Nuke is actually very small. When I was actually updating on time I would hardly hear from anyone. Weeks would go bye and I might get one fan letter. Its not until I stop updating or actually ask, "Does anyone even like this comic?" that I start hearing from people.  


Q: How can I help support Post-Nuke?

A: There are many ways you can really help Post-Nuke comics with out spending any money. I do my best to put this comic together, but it's up to you, the fans, to show your support and spread the word. Below are a few very simple things you can do help.

Vote for Post-Nuke
It is free and you don't have to register. I also place bonus images after you vote, and update them every week. Just two clicks to vote. The more votes Post-Nuke receives the higher it will move up the top 100 comics list. You can also vote every 24hours. If everyone coming to PN would vote just once, we'd be off the chart, but people don't and I find that very discouraging. Vote at TopWebComics.

Check out our sponsor ads.
This again costs you nothing, but it will greatly help the sponsors and Post-Nuke. Most people advertising on PN are other webcomics and you may find another favorite comic to read. So please check out who's advertising on Post-Nuke comic.

Tell people about Post-Nuke.
Best advertising is by word of mouth. If everyone just told two people (more would be even better) about Post-Nuke it would more then double the traffic to this site. This is a good thing. I spend a lot of money on advertising to bring new people to PN, it would be greatly appreciated if some people can help out by just spreading the word about PN. At the bottom of the page there are some banners you can use to link to this site. 

Buy the printed comic book
The printed comic book is the polished up version of the online comic. I even added bonus material to it. It is a great way to support the comic and get something in return.

I've spent a lot of time and money on this comic project to provide free entertainment to people. I'd prefer it if people bought a comic book. But if you have the spare cash and  feel generous, please donate. It would be greatly appreciated. 


Q: When will the other printed comic book issues be available?

A: Unfortunately I didn't sell enough comic books to continue with the single issues. I only sold about 250 comic books and some got lost or damaged in the mail. So by the time it was all said and done, it actually cost me money instead of making some to pay for this site. I still have about 150 copies sitting here collecting dust. 1 or 2 people may buy a comic a month. So I wont be printing any more single comic books. Instead I am now working on printing the entire comic series into one big book. Which was always the plan, but I have to finish chapter 10 first before I can complete this book. So this new book wont be available until late next year, or 2011.


Q: Do you have any other stories other then Post-Nuke?

A: Not finished, but I do have a secret comic book projects in the works. My main objective is to finish Post-Nuke comics, but it is nice to sometime shift gears and work on something totally different. My newest comic is an anime/manga style comic book. It is a science fiction / fantasy story in full color and will be available in printed comic book form. Hopefully by the summer of 2010. I'm not ready to reveal images of it yet, but I will be posting samples on my Deviant Art site very soon.


Q: I have a website, but not much content on it. Can I mirror your comics on my website?

A: Absolutely not! Do not host or mirror my comics or artwork on another website without my written permission. Post-Nuke comics and my artworks are copyrighted.


Q: Can I translate your comic to a foreran language and host it on my website?

A: Again, NO! Please do not translate my comic and host it on your site. I have many reasons why I do not want the comic translated at this time. Please respect that. Do not just take it upon yourself to start translating my comic and expect I'll be happy or grateful for it. I will not be, as some of you have already found out. I get very upset when I see my comic translated or hosted on some other website without my permission. Again Post-Nuke Comics is copyrighted internationally.


Q: Do you have a link page where we can make a link exchange?

A: I don't have a link page yet. But I am working on one.


Q: Do you have any banners I can use to link to your site?

A: Yes, I have a few banners bellow in different sizes. You are free to use them.

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