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Sept. 10 2009

A little FAT32 analysis script I'm working on.

Apr. 21 2009

Added the little perl round robin script I'm working on to the Robot Battle page.

Apr. 19 2009

Update: looks like the macro must be all on one line, which makes adding a lot of html code a bit challenging. At least this works well for google ads within moinmoin

Found the HTML moin macro which is extremely useful!

Apr. 9 2009

Getting FreeBSD to work on a ThinkPad x61s

Apr. 7 2009

Instructions on auto mounting a USB memory stick: AutoMount

Apr. 4 2009

Hacked xlockmore to add another layer of security: xlockhack

Apr. 2 2009

Another addition to MoinCMS:

  • using <<Include()>> and <<MiniPage()>> to manage content

Mar. 29 2009

Some additions to MoinCMS:

  • syncweb script to extract pages and upload files to website

Mar. 12 2009

NASA now has a webcam on the exterior of the International Space Station! Unfortunately so far I haven't seen anything but the map display... The link is:

Feb. 24 2009

Some more Firefox addons I find useful.

Feb. 23 2009

Some more things I find useful for Firefox. Flashblock blocks any Flash embedded in webpages, and is a great way to protect your system from flash vulnerabilities while still giving the option to run specific flash content with just one click. Noscript is similar but instead is for any scripts that try to run. Firebug is a web developing tool, and lets you dynamically change content from any website, letting you examine how a website is put together:

Feb. 1 2009

Here are a few Firefox customizations that I always do on a new install (access the options by the URL about:config). The dns option is necessary if you are using a proxy and want dns lookups to go through the proxy rather than your local dns server:

  • browser.tabs.closeButtons;3
  • browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose;false
  • network.proxy.socks_remote_dns;true

Jan. 17 2009

Added some VMware Infrastructure backup notes to my VMware section (e.g. VCB command line examples).

Jan. 16 2009

Bluetooth on FreeBSD

The following is an excellent step by step guide to getting a bluetooth mouse to work on FreeBSD. The article is from 2006, but still applies to FreeBSD 7.1. I have the Lenovo x61s ThinkPad and ThinkPad mouse.

Jan. 4, 2009

Another year passes by! Not much new here. In fact, anyone looking for my old RB stuff can find it here: RB Apps

Dec. 21, 2008

Redesign of website!

I'm trying out MoinMoin as a simple CMS. I want a simple way to add content to this site without having to deal with Web/html editors etc. As the web host for this site only allows html pages, I created a script to pull out the content of my locally running instance, and then upload it here! Details on the process can be found at MoinCMS.


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