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Post-Nuke Comic Issue#1



  Comic book: $3.95
  Prices are in Canadian dollar.
  Shipping cost:
  International- $5.95

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You do not need a PayPal account if you have a credit card. Just click the "Buy now" button, and then fill the 'Enter your billing information' form. All billing information is handled by PayPal, I do not see the credit card information. If you do not have a credit card or PayPal account, you can send a international money order. Please email me if you would like to pay with cash, international money order or have any questions. 

Shipping method

Comic books are now mailed in a comic book protector with comic book backer board inside a stiff cardboard envelope to prevent bending and damage. International shipping is expensive. I'm sorry but the post office gives me no other option. It does however arrive quickly, usually in about a week. Shipping prices are for 1 to 3 comic books. With 4 or more comic books the shipping cost is a little higher due to weight. So please email me if you want to order more then 3 comic books at once.

What is in the book?

The main part is the revised version of Post-Nuke chapter 1, which was 9 pages long but now is 12 pages long  with the new artwork added to it. I also fixed all the bad artwork and writing. Click here to see examples. The comic book is 16 pages total with the new bonus material added. The "Flashback story" is part one of Chris and Aries back-story that will leading up to the nuclear war.  I put a lot of work into this bonus story and the new style artwork. The comic book also has part one of "Post-Nuclear Survival" tips near the back of the book. These bonus materials will only be available in the printed comic books.  

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